The 30 Best Etsy Fashion Items That Are Hidden Gems

In case you haven’t heard, Etsy sales blew up last year during the peak of the pandemic, but as Bloomberg reported, the retailer’s popularity is “no flash in the pan.” New customers continue to flock to Etsy, so I thought it was high time to do a roundup for our readers. 

I decided to focus on my two favorite Etsy categories: jewelry and home items. Of course, I made sure to include a wide range of styles, from cutesy to sleek and everything in between. Yes, some people love an adorable homemade item, but I’m well aware that others might prefer something more minimalist and grown-up. With that in mind, I sourced a mix of earrings, rings, necklaces, vases, candles, lamps, and more, all from the best small businesses on Etsy. 

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