The 34 Best Winter Fashion Items at Urban Outfitters RN

Since my teenage years, Urban Outfitters has been a constant in my wardrobe. I’ve been a fan of the retailer since the heydeys of slogan tees and trucker hats in the early 2000s, so you could say I’m somewhat of an expert when it comes to navigating its huge selection. Despite the perception that it’s a place to shop purely for teens or for people under 21, I’d argue that it’s one of the best sources for affordable and unique trend-forward pieces in general—regardless of age. With that, it’s one of my first destinations when I’m looking to test run a trend on the cheap before investing in a designer version later. 

I could ramble on more about my love for the store, but I’ll save you the time and just get to the point: if you haven’t peeped the retailer’s latest crop of new arrivals, you definitely should. With everything from statement sweaters (that honestly could pass for designer) to printed fun pants, they’re just the items to zhoosh up your current assortment of winter basics. Below, I’ve outlined my top finds of the moment, so get comfortable and brace yourself for some serious gems.

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